Our Mission


To accept the opinions of different personalities and respect them equally for the undiscussed matters.

To connect the youngsters across the globe and make a peaceful society to live in and with.

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Our Vision in Surge India International

Surge India International serves the purpose of Bringing the Change, by ‘Discussing the Undiscussed’, bringing a change of Mental Health Stability, Social Justice and providing a platform for budding youths to interact with people Globally and learn.

Joining in hands from different corners across the Country India, we share thoughts, opinions, culture and all other beneficiaries for a better future of this wonderful society. We would love to work along with u for solving out the purpose.

Our family is something that hits different. We are not family by blood but are, with the motive and mindsets we carry.

We hope to see you joining our family soon.

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Surge India International has built a platform focused on discussing the undiscussed or undisclosed topics.

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